iDontix Oral Hygene Products


iDontix® is an original Australian company, now manufacturing premium oral hygiene products in China. X-Family products, X-Floss, X-Floss lite and X-Ribbon are the premium, unique oral hygiene products, and designed for the niche dental group with implants, bridges, orthodontic appliances, wide perio spaces and tilted teeth.  Products are continuously being developed to provide highly innovative dental solutions. iDontix® aims to improve the oral health of patients across the globe.  The founders of iDontix have a genuine love for teeth! Availability of these marvelous products, within the US, has been virtually non-existent until now.  Steel Fabrication Technology pledges to provide the full line of iDontix products at a reasonable cost with FREE 2-day shipping from a distribution center with the US rather than from Israel, UK, or China.

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