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We’ve had so many favorable comments on the original Shine Pro that we decided to build the “Jr”.  It is fundamentally the same unit as the original however, as you can see from the comparison pictures, it has been sized down to accommodate a wide variety of additional uses.  At approximately half the diameter of the original model, it’s perfect for use on cars, SUVs, and motorcycles.   The Shine Pro Jr cleans up in a bucket of soapy water just like the original and is available in either the 2-pack or any combination you need…just call or e-mail for pricing.  Replacement mitts are always available.  



Congratulations on your purchase of the amazing Shine Pro!!

  The Shine Pro is a revolutionary new device which has a wide variety of applications.  You can use it to wax and polish those 22.5 inch chrome and aluminum wheels on today’s’ luxury motor coaches and 18-wheelers.  It can also be used to polish any chrome or aluminum equipment  like bumpers, RV body armor, sinks, and interior of convection ovens and microwaves just to mention a few.  Shine Pro will not scratch or damage surfaces, however, as with any buffing device, prolonged use in one spot can damage painted surfaces. 

Simply insert the Shine Pro in the chuck of any 3/8” or larger drill.  Use one hand on the drill and the other on the tool’s slip ring for maximum control at all times.  Pushing slightly forward on the slip ring will afford the operator better control and eliminate excessive wear on the tool’s end cap. The hollow cavity at the top of the Shine Pro is designed to fit over lug nut covers.    If the slip ring should get hot due to excessive pressure application, the tool should be allowed to cool. You should alternate the tool’s rotation (switch from forward to reverse) periodically to minimize excessive wear in one direction.  NOTE:  Some manual touch-up may be necessary depending on the particular task; however, the net result will be a very significant time savings.   

When you are done polishing, clean-up is a snap.  You can either run the Shine Pro’s  synthetic lambskin mitt in a bucket of clean water or, if really dirty, carefully remove the mitt  from the tool (without disturbing the foam underneath) and use a liquid soap/mild degreaser to more thoroughly clean.  The use of an air or battery powered drill is recommended to avoid any possible ELECTRICAL SHOCK.

Note:  Use care when changing mitts to avoid damaging the glued on foam underneath.  Place the tool securely in a vise with the mitt end up.  Then, with both hands stretch the elastic band of the mitt out and over the foam without tearing the foam.  The foam gives the mitt its unique shape.  Temporarily out of stock.


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